Thursday, September 13, 2007

Salad Dressing of the Week

I love vegetables. AND fruits, do not be mistaken, but from my days working on Anya's organic farm, I'm pretty much obsessed with fresh produce. Not to sound like I'm talking down from my foodie pedestal, but I am a man who would rather go without tomatoes than buy some woody, mealy piece of shit from the supermarket. But give me a homegrown tomato, like the two beauties that Anya presented me with as I left the Cape on Sunday, and I'm a very happy chappy.

All this to say: I had a great lunch. One of the delicious, beautiful beefsteak tomatoes that Anya regaled me with adorned the salad I had brought in, and what added so much was slathering it with Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette. This salad dressing, while competing in a class full of champions (Ken's, Marie's, Hidden Valley Ranch [ha!]), really just does such a good job of reminding me that I FUCKING LOVE LETTUCE.

First of all, it has a delightful amount of chunks, a great burnt-sienna hue, and is viscous in a way that is most becoming to salad out of a bag. Those of you who know me already am aware that tang and moisture are very important in any foodstuff, and Annie's does not let me down on either account. I highly recommend you branch out from just buying her awesome Mac n Cheese and try Annie's dressing. Besides, she's from the great state of Vermont, which makes some of my favorite cheese.


i am cam said...

Wow! You REALLY like your veggies! I particularly liked when you wrote that Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette reminds you that you FUCKING LOVE LETTUCE. Who loves lettuce? Weird.

I have had the Mac n Cheese. I kinda prefer Kraft. I'm just saying.

Amanda Hugginkiss said...

This brings me back to the days of secretly licking all the italian dressing off my plate as a kid. Tangy! I do have to set the record straight, though. Annie is from and lives in Connecticut. Connecticut? Yeah, you know. It's like New England, but NOT. Regardless, delicious.