Friday, July 27, 2007

Hot Chow!

A most recent discovery in my epicurean pursuits of summer, HOT CHOW is one of my favorite new condiments. Imagine a chunky mustard, tangy and not too sweet, filled with morsels of carrot and onion. No, not like a chutney, as the mustard and vinegar tastes keep it wholly within the mustard category. The secret ingredients, friends, is the mango and papaya that adds some juiciness often looked for but not often found in mustard, unless you've slathered on the French's a little too thick. That's probably my favorite thing about Hot Chow; it adds an elusive moisture to your sandwich you might only get by, well, overdoing it with some acidic yellow mustard or (sick!) mayo . But slather on the Hot Chow, its delicious!

I recommend Matouk's brand, coming to us from Trinidad, and available all over Crown Heights and other Caribbean areas of New York.

Shown: Matouk's Hot Chow, 9 oz. $3.99 for the 13.4 fl. oz. jar at the produce market on Nostrand and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. Available in Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, and other Caribbean businesses and hoods in NY. I bet they have it at the West Indian Market on Broadway and Winona in Andersonville, Chicago. And John R Wong in Kingston must have it.

Ingredients: Water, distilled vinegar, papaya, carrots, onions, mangoes, sugar, coraillie, mustard, modified corn starch, salt, hot peppers, spices, colour FD&C yellow #5. Anyone know what coraillie is? Bitter melon?

Tastes like: Chunky tropical mustard. Use it on that turkey sandwich, you'll love it.

Notes: Caroline, you're gonna love this. Go get some and let me know!


Alexander said...

I love me some hot chow

Madeleine said...

Mmmm. Chunky tropical mustard. I want me summa that!

Caroline said...

I need more sauce!

Jillian said...

I recall hunting down a jar of that stuff for you in Kingston and bringing it back--you should add Loshusan to the list of carriers! And where's the blog about Pickapeppa sauce? It definitely deserves a spot on here!

Marcie said...

Great work.