Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thanks to everyone who sent on birthday wishes via email, comments, mail, and coming to my party. I really appreciate everyone's wishes and I had a great time seeing and hearing from everyone. You made me feel really loved.

In other news, the weather here in New York has gotten so nice! It's 70 degrees out right now and very sunny. It makes one's mood elevate. Today I went with my new favorite person and another coworker. It was so nice to be outside and people watch along Broadway.

Time to go for a run along the Hudson. Maybe, because it's later in the day, some of the red-tailed hawks will be out. Last time I ran up there I saw some common mergansers, which are beautiful and quite different from the more common mallard ducks. (Now that I'm writing this, I need to say my (luddite conservationist) brother Joao would not like me saying this, as I'm not an expert, so we really can't be sure.)

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