Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New developments

Hi there. So work has been very busy, but calming down, thankfully. I'm very excited about the sunshine and the warmer weather, and those close to me will tell any of you that my mood has improved greatly. If my father lived with me I'm sure I would hear him say "You need an attitude adjustment" more than a few times. My little brother Nemo came to town last weekend on his way from San Francisco de la Montana to the great state of Massachusetts. It was great to see him. We have this wonderful mutual friend named Kitty Kat who is such a doll and comes from a big family as well. Kitty's family is so nice and generous and kind; they always invite me to family functions, making sure that I feel like I have a family in this big mean city.

Before having dinner with them on Saturday night, we had stopped by Stella's in Inwood to have some appetizers, including a lovely aged gouda that we practically fought over. Stella and Kitty are perfect examples of how awesome it is that my three brothers and I share friends. Because we've had stable friendships for so long, and everyone has known one another for all of this time, it's such a beautiful thing that we get along and like each other's friends so much. In brother Nemo's case, some of his friends used to stay with us for what seemed months at a time, so those friends really got integrated into the family scene. I love that when Nemo comes to NY he wants to see all my friends, and I'm equally interested in seeing and enjoying time with his friends. I guess as Bjork would say, all is full of love.

In addition, on Friday I went to Serious Bidness's Sausage Fest, which was loverly. She herself has some great friends, and I had a lovely time ripping apart the rice krispy treat statuette and having tequila and sodas. Happy birthday dollface!

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seriously said...

you've been busy today!

big fuzzy families are the best. we should all integrate.

the funniest thing happened today, i got an evite to an event called "sausage fest 2008." no joke.