Friday, August 22, 2008

Country House

I'm going out to Northern Jerze tomorrow with the bf and some friends, to visit Muffin and eat some great food. A typical overnight "in the country" includes arrival, hitting up the supermarket and liquor store (in Jersey, you guys, you can buy beer, wine and liquor in the same store! Can you imagine?), and then going to the compound. If it's nice and hasn't rained, we could play some tennis on the clay court (all those lessons as a preteen paid off... I'm like second seed in the Route 80 tourney!), or take a dip in the pond and take out the canoe. I usually like to sing show tunes whilst canoeing, but my partner in that crime, Tracy Marie, is out in LA being a nanny for a famous Brat Packer. Maybe my boyfree will take her place. At 6pm a bell is rung and all present must make their way to the terrace for a mandatory martini. Brother B makes a marternative of mojitos for those of us who like our drinks sickly sweet. After that Muffin and others make a large feast, which I proceed to eat most of. Then we continue drinking, and make a bonfire to release some more CO2 into the air (hey, I don't have an SUV, so gotta do my part the old fashioned way) and everything like that! Exciting times....

Here's a song that makes me excited, both about my weekend and remembering the days when I used to listen to lots of Bluuuuuurrrrrr:

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Muffin said...

Yay! I had so much fun that weekend, thanks for coming out!