Friday, September 12, 2008

discretion, anyone?

man, i'm so annoyed right now. last night i went to Bburg to take care of one of my favorite little dogs, Goya, at Luna and Vava's place. all was going pretty well- my friend Caitlin had come over and we had shawerma sandwiches from Oasis and relaxed on the roof. the boy was running late, so she had to leave without saying hi to him, so i laid out on the couch and waited... when he came it was nice to see him, he made a sandwich, we talked. he had shaved off his beard, and i'm finally, after four months, getting used to periodically seeing him with no beard. at first i felt like a four year old girl whose father has shaved his mustache and who freaks the fuck out, not able to understand who that strange man is, mommy!

anyhow, i was getting ready for bed, in my skivvies, and i hear a knock at the door. fuck, i'm thinking, is this damn music that the boy put on too loud? the girl on the other side starts talking and D recognizes her voice, so opens the door to a very drunk, very pretty girl who comes right in and starts to jabber on about this and that. she seemed nice enough, and my effusive boyfriend was saying how he "loved her" and how she was "his favorite" blah blah blah. Anyhow, after sending her many cues and clues that I was indeed on my way to bed (kissing the boy, brushing my teeth, laying down on the couch again) I stood up and told her I was going to bed and that it was nice to meet her. About fifteen minutes later my love came into Vava's bed with me after bidding his friend goodbye. Next thing I fucking know, there's someone at the slider door that leads to the roof, and it's Drunkles, telling us that she grabbed the wrong bag. Turns out she had grabbed my work tote instead of hers, so no big deal, the net effect to me is that she delayed my sleep by another five minutes.

Anyhow, this morning I walked Goyita around the block and marvelously, it was slightly cool, delightful northeastern fall weather. I thought to myself, good thing I brought that sweatshirt with me, this velour zip-up my brother gave me for Christmas. When Goya and I get back to the place my sweatshirt- and clean socks- are nowhere to be found... and I start to think that my little late-night visitor might have relieved me of my jacket... and I sent the boy, who was "friends" with her anyhow, upstairs to find out. Lo and behold, he wakes up her roommate and she hands him my sweatshirt. Needless to say, I was PISSED. I guess the girl had already rubbed me the wrong way by delaying my sleep and then not taking any of my clues and then, after I became more assertive with her, still vacillating more, but the way she disappeared my sweatshirt for me really got my goat early this morning.
I was of course annoyed with the boy for being so friendly to this girl who annoyed me so much, and for my friends for their (perceived) "open door" policy with this person. I talked to Vava and she mentioned that this person "bothered" them a lot and was "always cracked out," so I began to feel better about my impression of what had gone on, when previously I just felt ornery and crotchety. Apparently she lies, so I feel way better about my disliking her, because, due to my Catholic guilt and my mother telling me that no, in fact I did not hate anyone, I felt horrible about disliking a friend of Luna and Vava's, and was passively angry at the bf for liking her so much and being so eager to hang out with her while I wanted to go to bed.

I feel a lot better about the whole thing now.

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