Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh it's been so long

I'm a lazy bastard, what do you want from me? Lots has been going on, I'll recap below.

-I has a boyfriend. He's a nice guy from the Deep South who's keeping me on my toes. He looks a little bit like Dick Tracy:

It's been fun as hell because he likes some of the same things I like, such as food and walking around aimlessly. He's also very social. Another thing we have in common is that we both like to see Broadway musicals, which is a gas, because most of my friends here think they're stupid, while I tend to think they form one of the most versatile and entertaining genres out there.

-We went to see Gypsy with the one and only Patti Lupone, a national treasure and Corky's mom. Couldn't take our eyes off her. My one complaint is the staging of "Gotta get a gimmick," which I like to see at full blast with lots of energy. This production cast Electra as a very old, possibly drug addled putain who barely keeps up, while I would have preferred more of a titty-shaking blowout.

-Last weekend we also saw Boeing Boeing, which was hilarious. I thought Christine Baranski was great as the sassy French maid, and the woman who plays the American lover, Kathryn Hahn, was brilliant, with her blocky poses and over the top delivery. I heard some queens during the intermission hissing about some 'over-acting' but hey fellas, this is a farce, I'm pretty sure they're intending to be campy and over-the-top. In any case, the story follows a wealthy American in Paris who has three fiancees, all who are flight attendants whose comings and going can be managed by the airline's time schedules. With the other two being German and Italian, the European stereotypes and accents are out of control, and the comedy is made more fun to watch because it's so physical: lots of jumping, falling, throwing things, etc.

-I have also seen this summer's two stoner movies, The Wackness and Pineapple Express. They were both funny but very different. The Wackness is bittersweet and somewhat sentimental, with hilarious 90s references like the pump-up Reeboks and beepers. It also has Olivia Thirlby, who is very pretty and gives a great performance.
Josh Peck and Olivia Thirlby
The movie gets its title when Thirlby's character tells Peck: "You know what your problem is? You focus on the wackness, while I focus on the dopeness." I have found this saying to be very useful....

Pineapple Express
is from the guys who did Superbad, and has some similar cringeworthy performances, which elicited many laughs. I recommend them both for mindless summer entertainment- they're not going to blow any minds.

-Not blowing any minds either is the new production of Brideshead Revisited. ZZZZZZZ. Don't go to a late show! Too bad they had to make the homosexual character into a complete fop, but it was beautiful to look at.... when I could keep my eyes open. Funny, I assumed that most of the people in the audience were Batman rejects, but only four people out of a full theater walked out!

-Mamma Mia was a lot of fun; most people will probably hate it, but to them I say: Go watch the Olympics or something. Wait, are we allowed to write that word if we don't own the copyright? Joemygod wrote about a silly dispute the Olympic people insisted on having with a Bear club who also use that word (the horror!). Basically, this guy is not allowed to utter the word "Olympic" because some organization owns it, even though:

I was born on a small logging town on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State at Olympic Memorial Hospital. My family and I enjoyed spending vacations at Olympic National Park, where our favorite spot was the Olympic Hot Springs. I was able to finish high school one year early due to credits earned through Olympic Community College in Bremerton. I then attended college in Olympia, the capital of Washington State since 1889, where I belonged to a club that spent weekends hiking in the Olympic Mountains. I earned my way through college by working at the Olympic Boat Center, knowing more about boats than cars due to my upbringing in this Olympic environment. Upon graduation, I moved to the community of Bellingham, where I lived on Olympic Drive, until I moved near Seattle, where I enjoy having guests stay at its premier hotel, the Olympic Four Seasons.

I'm not even sure if it's legal to complain about the damn Olympics... give me a song and dance any day, friends.

-In other news, Happy Birthday to 220-CARO! I hope you're enjoying the loveliness of Portland, Maine!

-With two weeks left in the summer, make sure you get all those things on your lists completed, even if you have to make like Bossy and do it in a rush.


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