Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's fun to discover why people are legends

oh yes, as caro reminds me, it IS fun to discover why people are legends. sure, i've seen cabaret before... and loved it, but c'mon, being in a movie can't be that hard, and cheating is rife. but when i was with my bedridden bf (who's just had a part of his digestive tract removed) watching cable where he was dogsitting the other night, we stumbled onto LIZA WITH A Z. I can't even tell you how great she is in this. I always thought she was just famous because of her mom, but man, she's a show-woman. I called it as a Bob Fosse production in about two minutes, which is a joy. Watch this medley from Cabaret and just breathe in the Liza. with a Z.

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