Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh, Ellen...

Yesterday was an exciting day for this large parrot- I met a woman who I loved watching perform during the 90s, when I was in High School and definitely watching myself a lot of Saturday Night Live. Funny, because recently there was a Chris Farley Celebration Show on the tv when I came home one night and at the end I saw her and shrieked: "Ellen Cleghorne! She was my favorite!" You may not remember her, but I loved watching Zoraida the NBC Page who would harass the guests and Afrocentric Queen Sheniqua, with her big hair wraps.

My friend Sandi invited to be on a panel to offer criticism to undergrad NYU Performance majors, but I had to be late due to extenuating lunch circumstances with some out-of-town friends... which booted me off the panel, but I managed to sneak in and enjoy the performances. First, the students were great, and let's just say I wasn't expecting it to be that good. They all had their theory down and did a good job explaining themselves. Secondly, after the performance was over I was chatting with Ellen and this hot shit lesbian named Karen who was also on the panel, and I told her that she looked like Ellen Cleghorne from SNL. "That is me" she said, and of course I said "No, it's not" and proceeded to argue with her for a few minutes about it, until Karen reminded me that her name was Ellen and she did look like her.

In any case, I calmed down and tried to be cool, which meant I had to forgo telling her she was my favorite, but as Whitney says, it's not right but it's okay. We ended up going to dinner and having a lovely time. That woman is still a riot and it was so much fun to hang out with someone who I had admired for so long, especially during a time when I really was developing my own sense of humor.

This clip sucks, but it's the only one I could really find on youtube. Stop it after :32. Who you gettin loud with?

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keetens said...

ha ha ha! i am totes going to start thinking of you as a large parrot in my mind! 4rlz!~