Friday, May 9, 2008

The Conservation of Natural Resources in the United States

I try to do well by the environment. It's the only one we have! My roommates are impressive recyclers and I'm with them, and I am a big fan of reducing and reusing as well. Usually in the form of arts n crafts or regifting, but really, I care.

As far as conserving natural resources in this country, we have a typical capitalist accumulation point of view, in which we consider our resources to be unlimited and only there for our use. The problem with this point of view is that many of our resources are finite; they're not constantly regenerating. In addition to looking for renewable resources, like wind or sun, we need to do a much better job of conserving what we have.

Which brings me to Micheal Jackson. Why couldn't we have done a better job conserving this natural resource? Why was he allowed to fall into such a state? Why didn't our government intervene to save such a powerhouse of a resource? Just look at this guy, with his pink hat and beautiful voice. Wha happen?

Here's the full song if you want to listen to it on a loop like I'm doing this rainy morning, sans pink hat, avec good drumming:


Sarah said...

Hahaha - I love it! :-)


You say this country has a typical "capitalist accumulation point of view" towards resources; but what about the government run commodity enterprises of Latin America? Why is there stewardship of the environment any better?