Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tie Me Up!

Here's a picture of Rossy De Palma at Paris Fashion Week.

You may not know her from Almodovar movies such as Law of Desire, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and Kika. Kika is not included in the recent VIVA PEDRO boxed set, but it's a psychodrama like only Ally Almodovar can do. Plus, it has Victoria Abril, who's always great, especially in ATAME, which IS NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD. WTF? [Rossy de Palma gets her name from Rosa, her first name, and her hometown, Palma de Mallorca. It's also said that she has the "face of a Picasso" in Spain. She's worked for years as a model and actress, and now she lives in France.]

My favorite Almodovar movie, Atame is a great film about this guy Ricky (Antonio Banderas) who gets released from the mental institute, falls in love with a B-movie actress (Victoria Abril) and holds her hostage in her apartment. Every time he leaves her alone, he ties her up. Towards the end, as they get to know one another, she begins to ask him to tie her up when he leaves, volunteering herself. This is her:

Her sister, the seriously hilarious Loles Leon, oh wait...
this is her:

There are some really great moments in this film. One I especially like is when Victoria asks Loles what she should wear to some party (uh, it's been a minute) and Loles responds, "algo sexi, pero sin complicaciones"... you know, something sexy, but without complications. Clearly, my dear.

Another great moment is in the final scene, when [somewhat of a spoiler but I'm not tellin you much], after much drama and excitement, Banderas, Abril, and Leon drive away in their little European shitbox singing "Resistire", ["I will survive"] by the Duo Dinamico. It's a precious scene, especially for a movie about Stockholm Syndrome. [Antonino's looking fresh faced and foxy, no?]