Thursday, December 13, 2007

hey girl i'm in houston

Sometimes this blog is just one more thing that I don't get around to doing- like paying my phone bill and going for a run. But I'm ditching that attitude and I'm just going to let it come when it comes and stop being so...judgmental of myself?

This blog originally started out about condiments- I had started it in a fit of silly ecstasy and glee in the summer, went to Canadia, and wasn't to post again for a few months or so... I then found the condiment theme to be restricting, so I changed it up. This has always been a problem of mine in some way, like my eternal struggle that I should have one journal for writing about my thoughts and feelings, and anything else-- to-do-lists, writings about other stuff-- would have its own space. I posted on and off, and enjoy it. But it can't be one more thing that hangs over my head. C'est pas grave, right?

In any case, I began this blog partly because I became fascinated with the blogs I was reading at the time, and an interest in the medium. As I clicked on links through many people's lives and musings, I started to think about the ways that I was witnessing communities of people communicating and forming. A lot of the guys I read were like no one else I knew; a look into a world hidden to me, but right there for everyone to read on the internet.

Blogs had been on my radar since I had first seen my long-time friend KP's, who started his in 2000 (that's right, betches) and documented his transition. During the 2004 presidential race I remember hearing from K8's mom about the influence blogs were having. There's a guy who studies blogging where I work. He says that there is usually a time when people get their bearings and observe, and then a period when they get into a stride, post a lot, comment, and communities form. In our one conversation about this topic he told me this and showed me some interesting articles.

I like that I can put videos and songs on here, so that's what I do. I usually post the songs I listen to fifteen times in a row at my job. The internet is fun. There's all sorts of people doing all sorts of things for different reasons on this piece, and it's good to be one of them. I post so infrequently and I would have to assume that it's my friends and my friends alone who [would ever think this was interesting enough to] read this, and that's fine with me.

Here's this one girl who loves the internets too, with some holiday cheer for ya.

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